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Roofing Scams or a Reputable Roofer?

Roofing scam con-artists seem to come out of every corner whenever there is a little hail storm or strong winds or rain. It reminds me of cockroaches scurrying around whenever the light comes on because that is what happens in local neighborhoods that happen to have bad storm weather or even a mild one. Seriously, homeowners are harassed by fly-by-night roofers who will do anything to get into a homeowners wallet. What is a homeowner to do? Continue reading Roofing Scams|Hire a Reputable Roofer|Northwest Roofing-Haslet-TX

Roof Leaks| 5 Tips on How to Protect Your Roof

Tip 1: Check your roof.

roof-leaks Look for any roof damage. Pay attention to surface bubbles and areas with missing gravel on flat roofs, or missing or damaged shingles or tiles on sloped roofs. Roof leaks can eventually damage the wood sheathing and rafters below the shingles, leading to thousands of dollars in repairs. If you binoculars, it will help you to help spot cracked, curled, or missing shingles safely from the ground. Most people are uncomfortable looking for roof damage. Continue reading Roof Leaks| 5 Tips on How to Protect Your Roof

Roof Preparation for Winter

Roof Preparation for Homeowners

roof-preparationRoof preparation is something to be considering now because winter is coming soon in North Central Texas. As Texans, we never know what our winters are going to be like from one year to the next but it is important to always be prepared for the worst. According to the 2019 Farmer’s Almanac, we are going to have a very cold and wet winter.

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Roofer Cover-Up May Cause Home Fire

Roofer Cover-up: Does Your Roofer Do This?

Roofer cover-up is an on-going problem for many homeowners. It is unfortunate that most homeowners do not really know what is happening on top of their roof. Nor do homeowners know what an unknown roofer will do while he is on your roof. You just hired a roofer to fix a problem on a roof whether it is to replace a few missing shingles or to completely do a much needed re-roof. The roofer you hired came up to your front door and told you that you had roof problems so you let this unknown roofer climb up on top of your home’s roof and do whatever it is he wants to do up there. That was your first mistake. roofer-cover-up
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Re-Roof Important in Protecting Your Home

Is It Time For an Important Re-roof?

re-roof importantSummer is usually the best time to get an important re-roof. It probably isn’t something you think about from day to day, but your roof is a vital component of your home. Most homeowners don’t even stop to consider all that your roof does for you. Don’t be passive while thinking that your roof will last years longer than it should. If you need a important re-roof or will soon, plan for it now.  Continue reading Re-Roof Important in Protecting Your Home

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