Hail in North Texas

Hail in North Texas Information and Tips

hail-in-north-texasHail in North Texas comes suddenly and usually unexpected. On April 6, 2018, Quarter-sized hail was reported near North Richland Hills; at 5:41 pm., Ping-pong ball-sized hail was reported near Prosper.  In Celina, it was a scary evening in parts of Denton County as strong winds, rain, large chunks of baseball-sized hail pounded the area while landing on rooftops, vehicles, and other items included people caught outdoors. People watched as the hail-damaged trees, smashed windows of cars and pounded rooftops. There was little doubt of the damage that hail in North Texas can be devastating and costly.  Continue reading Hail in North Texas

8 Roofing Tips

8 Roofing Tips Helping Homeowners

roofing-tipsTexas weather changes quickly and before one realizes, there is a storm or high winds. Are you ready? Better yet, is your roof ready? One of the most vulnerable parts of your house is your roof, which can sustain damage from wind, snow, ice, heavy rains, and fallen trees. Failing to make needed repairs is one costly mistake. Following are 8 roofing tips you should know. Continue reading 8 Roofing Tips

Insurance Adjusters and Roofers

Insurance Adjusters and Roofers Are Not the Same

insurance-adjuster  Many homeowners are complaining about the many roofers who come knocking at their door. These type of “door knocker” roofers are not your local and reliable contractor but they are there to steal your insurance money by obtaining the homeowner’s insurance information and then file a claim. Roofers are not Insurance Adjusters!  Continue reading Insurance Adjusters and Roofers

January 2018

Happy New Year 2018! At the start of the new year are new beginnings for many people who will take what they learned from the previous year in hopes to making the new year a much better one.

Same thing relates to your home. Are you planning on taking care of your home this year better than the last? Maybe those little jobs that you never got to fix or perhaps a bigger one like addressing your aging roof.  roof-roofing Continue reading January 2018

Thanks to Our Customers

Northwest Roofing Saying Thanks to Our Customers

northwest-roofingNovember is the time for giving thanks and we at Northwest Roofing want to extend our thanks to our many satisfied customers. We appreciate all of your great comments and referrals this year and previous years.

We also want to thank you for following our Blog each month as we try to extend information and tips for your home. We hope that you will find helpful information in our blogs each month. Our goal is to offer news and tips. We believe in community and we do all that we can to help our customers, to answer questions or concerns while providing professional roofing and other services that our customers may need.  Continue reading Thanks to Our Customers

Important Tips on Roof Damage

Roof Damage Tips Before Winter Comes

roof-damageIt is finally Fall again here in Texas. Texas weather is known to change quickly changing from very hot and sunny days to wet and cold. Are you ready for it? Better yet, is your roof ready for the winter months? One of the most vulnerable parts of your house is your roof, which can sustain damage from wind, snow, ice, heavy rains, and fallen trees. Failing to make needed repairs is one reason your roof can fall prey to the winter elements. Following are 7 important roofing tips you should do before winter arrives. Continue reading Important Tips on Roof Damage

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