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Roof Leaks| 5 Tips on How to Protect Your Roof

Tip 1: Check your roof.

roof-leaks Look for any roof damage. Pay attention to surface bubbles and areas with missing gravel on flat roofs, or missing or damaged shingles or tiles on sloped roofs. Roof leaks can eventually damage the wood sheathing and rafters below the shingles, leading to thousands of dollars in repairs. If you binoculars, it will help you to help spot cracked, curled, or missing shingles safely from the ground. Most people are uncomfortable looking for roof damage. Continue reading Roof Leaks| 5 Tips on How to Protect Your Roof

Roof Preparation for Winter

Roof Preparation for Homeowners

roof-preparationRoof preparation is something to be considering now because winter is coming soon in North Central Texas. As Texans, we never know what our winters are going to be like from one year to the next but it is important to always be prepared for the worst. According to the 2019 Farmer’s Almanac, we are going to have a very cold and wet winter.

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Roofer Cover-Up May Cause Home Fire

Roofer Cover-up: Does Your Roofer Do This?

Roofer cover-up is an on-going problem for many homeowners. It is unfortunate that most homeowners do not really know what is happening on top of their roof. Nor do homeowners know what an unknown roofer will do while he is on your roof. You just hired a roofer to fix a problem on a roof whether it is to replace a few missing shingles or to completely do a much needed re-roof. The roofer you hired came up to your front door and told you that you had roof problems so you let this unknown roofer climb up on top of your home’s roof and do whatever it is he wants to do up there. That was your first mistake. roofer-cover-up
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8 Roofing Tips

8 Roofing Tips Helping Homeowners

roofing-tipsTexas weather changes quickly and before one realizes, there is a storm or high winds. Are you ready? Better yet, is your roof ready? One of the most vulnerable parts of your house is your roof, which can sustain damage from wind, snow, ice, heavy rains, and fallen trees. Failing to make needed repairs is one costly mistake. Following are 8 roofing tips you should know. Continue reading 8 Roofing Tips

Know Your Roofing Company

Know Your Roofing Company: Who’s Knocking at Your Door?

Most homeowners are at the mercy of roofing companies who are really sales people that are looking for unsuspecting homeowners. They come out in droves knocking on homeowner’s doors usually after a bad hail storm. These sales people are known as “storm chasers” who flood neighborhoods knocking on doors and leaving pamphlets right after a bad storm looking for business. Continue reading Know Your Roofing Company

Roof Replacement – 3 Things to Know

Northwest Roofing is a Professional Roofing Company

Roof Replacement #1: What to Expect

A home roof replacement can be stressful to most homeowners because they do not know what to expect. Northwest Roofing of Haslet, TX is a professional roofing contractor company with over 25 + years of roofing experience in roof replacement. We take a lot of care in every step of the process of building a home roof replacement for our customers.  roof replacement Continue reading Roof Replacement – 3 Things to Know

Reliable Roofing Contractor

Reliable Roofing Contractor: Northwest Roofing

Northwest Roofing Fort Worth is a reliable roofing contractor in Fort Worth Texas, serving all of Fort Worth, Tarrant, Denton, Wise and Parker Counties. Since its beginning in 1997, we have grown our company with the simple formula of “Affordability with Excellent Customer Service.” Northwest Roofing’s founder and owner, Don Rutherford, who believes that every homeowner deserves the best when it comes to roofing services. That formula of “Affordability with Excellent Customer Service” is as true today as it was when Northwest Roofing first began.

northwest-roofing-fort-worthDon Rutherford is the founder and owner of Northwest Roofing in Fort Worth, TX. As a reliable roofing contractor, Don ensures customer satisfaction from start to finish each and every time. Don Rutherford is a honest, professional, experienced and a reliable roofing contractor whose customers can rely and trust that he and his crew are dependable and will deliver excellence in every way. Need a roofing contractor that is affordable? Don Rutherford has affordable prices for quality workmanship. Continue reading Reliable Roofing Contractor