Resources for Homeowners


Northwest Roofing will work with you and your insurance company to make sure your claim will go smoothly. We understand how insurance paperwork reads and can help the homeowner to be informed. We do our own measurements and calculations. We do not use the insurance company’s paperwork. This benefits the homeowner by not having to file several supplemental claims because of errors from the insurance company. This will in return prevent delays in getting your roofing job done as scheduled, and receive your money sooner. So, that the homeowner has less out of pocket expense due to delays.


The companies listed below are all top-notch preferred contractors, to whom we have referred our customers in the past, and continue to do so.

We have used these contractors on our own job sites, as well as on our personal homes. I have known the owners of these companies anywhere from several years on up to 25 years, and highly recommend them.

We certainly welcome any customer feedback with regard to the contractors we recommend. This helps us to always feel confident in our referrals.

  • Big Hail DamageBig Hail Damage
  • Hail Damage Hail Damage
  • Hail-Damage More Hail Damage
  • Lead Jack Squirrel Damage Lead Jack Squirrel Damage
  • Ugly Hail Damage Ugly Hail Damage

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