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Northwest Roofing End of Year 2014

Don Rutherford of Northwest Roofing northwest-roofing

Following is an end of year summary about all that we discussed and shared over the last 11 months. Homeowners, we hope that the information that we shared in our previous blogs are both helpful and educational. We listed each monthly blog and links for easy access for your review. Continue reading Northwest Roofing End of Year 2014


Weather Damage Winter Roofing Tips

Day Light Savings Time has changed, the weather is getting cooler and winter is coming! Is your roof ready to withstand the up-coming winter months? One of the most vulnerable parts of your house is your roof, which can sustain weather damage from wind, snow, ice, heavy rains, and fallen trees. Failing to make needed repairs is one reason your roof can fall prey to the winter elements. Following are important roofing tips you should do before winter arrives. weather damage Continue reading SAVE YOUR ROOF FROM WEATHER DAMAGE

Fort Worth Roofing Company

Fort Worth Roofing Company is Known for Their Integrity

fort-worth-roofing-contractorDon Rutherford, owner and roofing contractor for Northwest Roofing is known for his integrity among other professional qualities. Don has been in the roofing business for over 25+ years. He first began working in the roofing business alongside his father. He learned quickly on how to professionally install a roof and started his own Fort Worth roofing company in 1997. Continue reading Fort Worth Roofing Company

Roof Damage

Roof Damage Isn’t Something Homeowners Should Ignore

Living in Tarrant County, we often receive various types of weather which includes high winds, tornados and hail. High winds can blow off shingles on your roof and hail can do real roof damage. roof damage Continue reading Roof Damage

Summer Sizzle Specials!

Summer Sizzle Specials at Northwest Roofing of Haslet, TX.

It’s a great time to stay cool this summer while saving money on your house. Check out our summer sizzle specials below. Read more about roof ventilation and how it can save you energy and increase the longevity of your home.


Vent Work: 20% off through August 30th! Summer Specials-08-31-2013-V

Continue reading Summer Sizzle Specials!

Gutters Are An Imporant Investment


Gutters are used to move water away from your home’s foundation. It reduces the swelling of soil and prevents erosion.  Gutters effectively manage the water from your roof, possibly reducing the need for costly foundation repair. If the soil around your home consists of expansive clay soils, installing gutters around the entire house is advisable.  If water is pooling against your house, gutters are an easy solution.

gutters Continue reading Gutters Are An Imporant Investment